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Pillar of Vasco da Gama
Pillar of Vasco da Gama
Malindi is locatit in Kenya
Location in Kenyae
Coordinates: 3°13′25″S 40°7′48″E / 3.22361°S 40.13000°E / -3.22361; 40.13000Coordinates: 3°13′25″S 40°7′48″E / 3.22361°S 40.13000°E / -3.22361; 40.13000
Kintra Kenyae
CoontyKilifi Coonty
Foondit13t – 14t Century
 • Tot207,253[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Malindi (ance kent as Melinde) is a toun on Malindi Bay at the mooth o the Galana River, lyin on the Indian Ocean coast o Kenyae. It is 120 kilometres northeast o Mombasa. The population o Malindi wis 207,253 as o the 2009 census.[1] It is the lairgest urban centre in Kilifi Coonty.

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