Major general

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Major general or major-general is a militar rank uised in mony kintras. It is derived frae the aulder rank o sergeant major general. A major general is a heich-rankin afficer, normally subordinate tae the rank o lieutenant general an senior tae the ranks o brigadier an brigadier general. Whaur relevant, major general haes a NATO code o OF-7, an is considered tae be a twa-starn rank.[1] A major general in maist airmies commands a diveesion, however in some kintras he commands a brigade.

In some instances, such as in Estonie, the heichest rank currently in uise is that o major general.

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  1. In countries that dae nae maintain the rank o brigadier general, includin much o Eastren Europe an the Commonwealth, major general is the lawest o the general-officer ranks. Note, however, if the rank o brigadier is uised, altho brigadiers are nae classed as "generals", thay are o equal rank tae brigadier generals, an are still considered tae be a ane-starn rank. If neither o the ranks o brigadier or brigadier general (or an equivalent rank) are uised, the major general is still considered a twa-starn rank (independent o hou mony starns thare actually are in the insignia), an that airmed force simply haes na ane-starn rank.