Maithili leid

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मैथिली, মৈথিলী
Spoken natively in Indie an Nepal
Region Northren Bihar, Terai
Native speakers 35 million  (2000–2001)[1]
Leid faimlie
Central (Sotipura)
Khortha (Eastren)
Writin seestem Devanagari
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in 8t schedule o
Constitution o Indie, Bihar
Leid codes
ISO 639-1 bh (Bihari)
ISO 639-2 mai
ISO 639-3 mai

Maithili (/ˈmtli/;[2] मैथिली, মৈথিলী, Maithilī) is an Indo-Aryan leid spoken in eastren Nepal an North Bihar o Indie bi 35 million fowk as o 2000, o which 3 million wur in Nepal. It is presently written wi the Devanagari script despite havin its ain Mithilakshar script.[1]

In 2003, Maithili wis includit in the Aicht Schedule o the Indian Constitution, which allaes the leid tae be used in eddication, govrenment, an ither offeecial contexts. It is the seicont maist spoken leid o Nepal (at aroond 12%).

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