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Synonymsmorbilli, rubeola, reid maisles
A bairn shawin a 4-day maisles rash.
SpecialtyInfectious disease
SymptomsFiver, coch, runny neb, inflamed een, rash[1][2]
Uisual onset10–12 days post exposur[1][3]
Duration7–10 days[1][3]
CausesMaisles virus[4]
PreventionMaisles vaccine[1]
TreatmentSupportive care[1]
Frequency20 million per year[4]
Daiths73,400 (2015)[5]

Maisles, an aa cried the marls is a heichly contagious infection caused bi the maisles virus.[4][6] Ineetial signs an seemptoms teepically include fiver, eften greater nor 40 °C (104.0 °F), coch, runny neb, an inflamed een.[4][2] Twa or three days efter the stairt o seemptoms, smaw white spots mey form inside the mooth, kent as Koplik's spats. A reid, flat rash that uisually stairts on the face an then spreads tae the rest o the bouk teepically begins three tae five days efter the stairt o seemptoms.[2] Seemptoms uisually develop 10–12 days efter exposur tae an infectit person an last 7–10 days.[1][3] Complications occur in aboot 30% an mey include diarrhea, blindness, inflammation o the harn, an pneumonia amang ithers.[1][7] Rubella (German maisles) an roseola are different diseases.[8]

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