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Wumman wi a maigrim headache
SymptomsHeidaches, nausea, sensitivity tae licht, sensitivity tae soond, sensitivity tae smell[1][2]
Uisual onsetAroond puberty[1]
DurationRecurrent, lang term[1]
CausesEnvironmental an genetic[3]
Risk factorsFaimily history, female[4][5]
Seemilar condeetionsSubarachnoid hemorrhage, venous thrombosis, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, harn tumour, tension headache, sinusitis,[6] cluster heidache[7]
PreventionMetoprolol, valproate, topiramate[8][9]
MedicationIbuprofen, paracetamol (acetaminophen), triptans, ergotamines[5][10]

A maigrim is a primar heidache disorder chairacterised bi recurrent heidaches that are moderate tae severe.[1] Teepically, the heidaches affect ane hauf o the head, are pulsatin in naitur, an last frae twa tae 72 oors.[1] Associated symptoms mey include nausea, vomitin, an sensitivity tae licht, soond, or smell.[2] The pyne is generally made worse bi pheesical acteevity.[12] Up tae ane-third o fowk hae an aura: teepically a short period o veesual disturbance that seegnals that the heidache will suin occur.[12] Occasionally, an aura can occur wi little or na heidache follaein it.[13]

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