Mahdist War

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Mahdist War
Bataille d'Ondurman 2.jpg
Depiction o the Battle o Omdurman (1898).
Date1881 (1881)–1899 (1899)
(18 years)
LocationSudan, Egyp, Eritrea, Ethiopie, Uganda
Result British-Egyptian-Italian victory
Sudan acomes the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, a condominium o the Breetish Empire

 British Empire


Ethiopian Empire Ethiopie Empire (1885–1889)
Mahdist Sudan
Commanders an leaders
Breetish Empire Charles Gordon 
Breetish Empire Garnet Wolseley
Breetish Empire Herbert Kitchener
Belgium Louis Napoléon Chaltin
Ethiopian Empire Yohannes IV 
Italy Oreste Baratieri
Italy Giuseppe Arimondi
Muhammad Ahmad 
Abdallahi ibn Muhammad 

The Mahdist War (Arabic: الثورة المهديةath-Thawra al-Mahdī; 1881–99) wis a Breetish colonial war o the late 19t century, that wis focht atween the Mahdist Sudanese o the releegious leader Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah, wha haed proclaimed himsel the "Mahdi" o Islam (the "Guided One"), an the forces o the Khedivate o Egyp, ineetially, an later the forces o Breetain. Aichteen years o war resultit in the jynt-rule state o the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (1899–1956), a condominium o the Breetish Empire an the Kinrick o Egyp.

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