Magna Graecia

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Stairting Greek colonies an regions o auncient Italy an Sicily

Magna Graecia (Laitin meanin "Great Greece", Greek: Μεγάλη Ἑλλάς, Megálē Hellás) is the name o the coastal auries o Soothren Italy on the Tarentine Gulf that wur extensively colonized bi Greek settlers; pairticularly the Achaean colonies o Tarentum, Croton, an Sybaris, but an aa, mair loosely, the ceeties o Cumae an Neapolis tae the north.[1] The colonists, who began arrivin in the 8t century BC, broucht wi them thair Hellenic ceevilization, which wis tae leave a lastin imprint in Italy, pairticularly on the cultur o auncient Roum.

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