Maginot Line

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Maginot Line
Ligne Maginot
Eastren Fraunce
Maginot line 1.jpg
Entrance tae Ouvrage Schoenenbourg, Maginot Line in Alsace
Teep Defensive line
Site information
Controlled bi Fraunce
Open tae
the public
Condeetion Maistly intact, throu the preservation o the French Govrenment
Site history
Biggit 1929–1938
Biggit bi

Paul Painlevé, Colonel Tricaud

In use 1935–1969
Materials Concrete, steel, airn

Warld War II

The Maginot Line (French: Ligne Maginot, IPA: [liɲ maʒino]), named efter the French Meenister o War André Maginot, wis a line o concrete fortifications, obstacles, an wappen installations biggit bi Fraunce in the 1930s tae deter invasion bi Germany an force them tae myuve aroind the fortifications.