Madison Square Garden

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Madison Square Garden
"MSG", "The Mecca",[1] "The Garden", "The World's Most Famous Arena"
Madison Square Garden logo.png
Madison Square Garden, February 2013.jpg
Location 4 Pennsylvania Plaza[2]
New York, New York 10001
Coordinates 40°45′2″N 73°59′37″W / 40.75056°N 73.99361°W / 40.75056; -73.99361Coordinates: 40°45′2″N 73°59′37″W / 40.75056°N 73.99361°W / 40.75056; -73.99361
Broke grund October 29, 1964[3]
Opened Umwhile locations: 1879, 1890, 1925
Current location: Februar 11, 1968
Renovatit 1989–1991, 2011–2013
Ainer The Madison Square Garden Company
Operator MSG Entertainment
Construction cost $123 million
($NaN in 2018 [4])

1991: $200 million
($NaN in 2018[4])

Total cost:
$1.07 billion dollars in 2013
Airchitect Charles Luckman Associates
Brisbin Brook Beynon Architects
Structural engineer Severud Associates[5]
Services engineer Syska & Hennessy, Inc.[6]
General contractor Turner/Del E. Webb[6]
Capacity Basketball: 19,812[7]
Ice hockey: 18,006[7]
Pro Wrestling: 18,500
Concerts: 20,000
Boxing: 20,789
The Theater at Madison Square Garden: 5,600
Field size 820,000 square feet (76,000 m2)
Public transit access

Penn Station:

New York City Subway:

PATH: 33rd Street New York City Bus: M4, M7, M20, M34 SBS, M34A SBS, Q32 buses
New York Rangers (NHL) (1968–present)
New York Knicks (NBA) (1968–present)
St. John's Red Storm (NCAA) (1969–present)
New York Raiders/Golden Blades (WHA) (1972–1973)
New York Apples (WTT) (1977–1978)
New York Knights (AFL) (1988)
New York CityHawks (AFL) (1997–1998)
New York Liberty (WNBA) (1997–2010, 2014–present)
New York Titans (NLL) (2007–2009)

Madison Square Garden (Scots: Madison Squerr Gairden, eften cried MSG or simply The Garden) is a multi-purpose induir arena in the New York Ceety borough o Manhattan.

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