Madison Coonty, Florida

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Madison Coonty, Florida
Madison County Courthouse Westside.jpg
Madison Coonty Courthoose
Cairt o Florida heichlichtin Madison Coonty
Location in the U.S. state o Florida
Cairt o the Unitit States heichlichtin Florida
Florida's location in the U.S.
Foondit 26 December 1827
Seat Madison
Lairgest ceety Madison
 • Tot 715.80 sq mi (1,854 km2)
 • Laund 691.79 sq mi (1,792 km2)
 • Watter 24.00 sq mi (62 km2), 3.35%
 • (2010) 19,224
 • Density 28/sq mi (10.72/km²)

Madison Coonty is a coonty locatit in the state o Florida. As o 2000, the population wis 18,733. The U.S. Census Bureau 2005 estimate for the coonty is 19,902.[1] Its coonty seat is Madison, Florida.[2] Madison is a wet coonty as o August 28, 2012[3]

Transportation[eedit | eedit soorce]

Major roads[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • I-10.svg Interstate 10 is the main interstate highway throu Madison Coonty, runnin wast an east throu the panhandle frae Alabama tae Jacksonville. Fower interchynges exist in the coonty at US 221 sooth o Greenville, (Exit 241), SR 14 (Exit 251) an SR 53 (Exit 258) sooth o Madison, an Madison CR 255 sooth o Lee (Exit 262).
  • US 19.svgUS 27.svg US 19/27
  • US 90.svg US 90 wis the main wast-tae-east route throu Madison Coonty till it wis supplantit bi I-10.
  • US 221.svg US 221
  • Florida 6.svg State Road 6
  • Florida 14.svg State Road 14
  • Florida 53.svg State Road 53
  • Florida 145.svg State Road 145

Railroads[eedit | eedit soorce]

Madison Coonty haes at least twa railwey lines. The primary ane is a CSX line umwhile ained bi the Seaboard Air Line Railroad that served Amtrak's Sunset Limited till it wis truncatit tae New Orleans in 2005 bi Hurricane Katrina. Madison (Amtrak station) wis Madison Coonty's anly active railwey station till that pynt. The ither ane is ained bi the Georgia and Florida Railway, an runs in close proximity tae US 221 throughoot Madison Coonty.

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