Madeira River

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Madeira River
Rio Madeira 09072007.jpg
The river in the ootskirts o Porto Velho
Name oreegin: Portuguese, "wood river"
Kintras Bolivie, Brazil
Pairt o Amazon Basin
 - left Madre de Dios River
 - right Mamoré River, Ji-Paraná River, Dos Marmelos River, Manicoré River, Mataurá River, Aripuana River
Ceeties Nova Olinda do Norte, Borba, Novo Aripuanã, Manicoré, Humaitá, Porto Velho
Soorce Confluence o Madre de Dios an Mamoré
 - location Near Guayaramerín, Bolivia & Brazil
 - elevation 180 m (591 ft)
 - coordinates 10°38′19″S 65°39′20″W / 10.63861°S 65.65556°W / -10.63861; -65.65556
Mooth Amazon River
 - location Amazonas, Brazil
 - elevation 40 m (131 ft)
 - coordinates 3°22′32″S 58°46′23″W / 3.37556°S 58.77306°W / -3.37556; -58.77306Coordinates: 3°22′32″S 58°46′23″W / 3.37556°S 58.77306°W / -3.37556; -58.77306
Lenth 3,380 km (2,100 mi) [1]
Basin 850,000 km2 (328,187 sq mi)
Discharge for Manicoré
 - average 24,397 m3/s (861,572 cu ft/s)
 - max 52,804 m3/s (1,864,756 cu ft/s)
 - min 2,346 m3/s (82,848 cu ft/s)
Cairt o the Madeira River wattershed

The Madeira River (Portuguese: Rio Madeira, [ˈʁi.u mɐˈdejɾɐ]) is a major watterway in Sooth Americae, approximately 3,250 km (2,020 mi) lang.[2]

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