Mad Max 2

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Mad Max 2
Directit bi George Miller
Produced bi Byron Kennedy
Written bi
Narratit bi Harold Baigent
Muisic bi Brian May
Cinematografie Dean Semler
Eeditit bi
  • David Stiven
  • Michael Balson
  • Tim Wellburn
Distributit bi Warner Bros.
Release date
  • 24 December 1981 (1981-12-24) (Australia)
Runnin time
96 minutes[1]
Kintra Australie
Leid Inglis
Budget A$4.5 million[2]
Box office
  • A$10.8 million (Australie)[3]
  • US$23.7 million (USA)[4]
  • $34.5 million (Warldwide)

Mad Max 2 (kent as The Road Warrior an Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior an aw) is a 1981 Australie post-apocalyptic action film directit bi George Miller. The film is the seicont instawment in the Mad Max film series, wi Mel Gibson starrin as Max Rockatansky. The film's tale o a commonty o settlers moved tae defend thairsels against a rovin baund o marauders follaes a airchetypical "Wastren" frontier movie motif, as daes Max's role as a hardened man who rediscovers his humanity when he decides tae help the settlers.[5] Filmin teuk pairt in locations aroond Broken Hill, in the ootback o New South Wales.[6]

Mad Max 2 wis released on 24 Dizember 1981, an receivit ample creetical acclaim. Observers praisit the visuals an Gibson's role. Notewirthy elements o the film include cinematographer Dean Semler's widescreen photografie o Australie's vast desert landscapes an aw; the sparin uise o dialogue throuoot the film; costume designer Norma Moriceau's punk mohawked, leather bondage gear-wearin bikers; an its fast-pacit, tightly edited an violent battle an chase scenes.

The film's comic-beuk post-apocalyptic/punk style popularised the genre in film an fiction writing. It wis an aa a box office success, winnin the Best International Film frae sax nominations at the Saturn Award ceremony, includin: Best Director for Miller; Best Actor for Gibson; Best Supporting Actor for Bruce Spence; Best Writing for Miller, Hayes an Hannant; an Best Costume for Norma Moriceau. Mad Max 2 became a cult film: fan clubs an "road warrior"-themed activities continue intae the 21st hunderyear. The film wis follaeed bi Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in 1985, wi a fowert film in the series, Mad Max: Fury Road, slatit for release on 15 Mey 2015.[7]

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