Mackenzie River

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Mackenzie River (Deh-Cho, Kuukpak)
Mackenzie from-east.jpg
The Mackenzie River in August 2009
Name oreegin: Alexander Mackenzie, splorer
Kintra  Canadae
Region  Yukon
 Northwast Territories
 - left Liard River, Keele River, Arctic Red River, Peel River
 - right Great Bear River
Ceeties Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Wrigley, Tulita, Norman Wells
Soorce Great Slave Loch
 - location Fort Providence
 - elevation 156 m (512 ft)
 - coordinates 61°12′15″N 117°22′31″W / 61.20417°N 117.37528°W / 61.20417; -117.37528
Mooth Arctic Ocean
 - location Beaufort Sea, Inuvik Region
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 68°56′23″N 136°10′22″W / 68.93972°N 136.17278°W / 68.93972; -136.17278Coordinates: 68°56′23″N 136°10′22″W / 68.93972°N 136.17278°W / 68.93972; -136.17278
Lenth 1,738 km (1,080 mi)
Basin 1,805,200 km2 (696,992 sq mi) [1]
Discharge for mooth; max an min at Arctic Reid confluence
 - average 9,910 m3/s (349,968 cu ft/s) [2]
 - max 31,800 m3/s (1,123,000 cu ft/s) [3]
 - min 2,130 m3/s (75,220 cu ft/s)
Map of the Mackenzie River watershed

The Mackenzie River (Slavey leid: Deh-Cho, big river or Inuvialuktun: Kuukpak, great river) is the lairgest an langest river seestem in Canadae, an is exceedit anly bi the Mississippi River seestem in North Americae.

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