Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C.

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Maccabi Tel Aviv
Full nameMaccabi Tel Aviv Fitbaa Club
Nickname(s)Maccabi (מכבי)
The Yellows (הצהובים)
Foondit1906; 118 years ago (1906), as
HaRishon LeZion-Yaffo
GroundBloomfield Stadium, Tel Aviv
Ground Capacity29,400[1]
AwnerMitchell Goldhar
CoachVladimir Ivić
LeagueIsraeli Premier League
2022–23Israeli Premier League, 3rd o 14
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Current saison

Maccabi Tel Aviv Fitbaa Club (Hebrew: מועדון כדורגל מכבי תל אביב‎‎; Moadon Kaduregel Maccabi Tel Aviv) is an Israeli fitbaw club an pairt o the Maccabi Tel Aviv sports club.

Foondit in 1906 as the HaRishon Le Zion-Yafo Association, Maccabi Tel Aviv are the auldest, lairgest an maist decoratit fitbaw club in Israel. Wi the establishment o the ceety o Tel Aviv in 1909, the club chyngit their name tae Maccabi Tel Aviv. In 1922 they became the first Jewish fitbaw club tae pairticipate in local competeetions. The meanin o the name Maccabi – ‘Who is like thee amang the gods’ – fuirms a integral pairt o the character o the team, which teuk the Starn o David as their logo tae represent the Jewish fowk. Maccabi Tel Aviv hae wan mair titles than ony ither Israeli club, winnin 20 League Championships (16 efter Israeli unthirldom), 22 prestigious State Cups (16 efter Israeli unthirldom), twa AFC Champions League Cups an a addeetional three Toto (League) Cups.

Maccabi Tel Aviv are the anerly Israeli fitbaw team that hae niver been relegatit an ane o three Israeli teams iver tae mak it tae the UEFA Champions League group stage. The club's name an values are steepit in Israeli history. The club are namit efter the Maccabees, a auncient Jewish rebel airmy, which became a seembol o the struggle o the Jewish fowk for ower 2,000 years tae retain their freedom, releegion an sovereignty. The Maccabees spirit is based on values o excellence, lyalty an the desire tae succeed.

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