Mac OS

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Mac OS
Company / developerApple
OS faimilyClassic Mac OS (Seestem 1–7, Mac OS 8–9)
Unix, Mach an FreeBSD (OS X)[1][2][3]
Wirkin statePublicly released
Soorce modelProprietary saftware (wi open-soorce components)
Initial releaseJanuary 24, 1984; 35 years ago (January 24, 1984)
Kernel typeHybrid (XNU)

Mac OS is a series o graphical uiser interface-based operatin seestems developed bi Apple Inc. for thair Macintosh line o computer seestems. The oreeginal version wis the integral an unnamed seestem saftware first introduced in 1984 wi the oreeginal Macintosh, an referred tae simply as the "Seestem" saftware. The Seestem wis renamed tae Mac OS in 1996 wi version 7.6. The Seestem is creditit wi popularizin the graphical uiser interface concept.

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