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مدينة معان
Caipital o the Great Arab Revolt
Ma'an is located in Jordan
Location in Jordan
Coordinates: 30°11.6′N 35°44′E / 30.1933°N 35.733°E / 30.1933; 35.733
GovrenorateMa'an Govrenorate
Municipality established1898
 • TeepMunicipality
 • MayorKhalid Alshummary
 • Ceety7.5 km2 (2.9 sq mi)
 • Metro
100 km2 (40 sq mi)
 • Ceety50,350
Time zoneGMT +2
 • Summer (DST)+3
Area code(s)+(962)3

Ma'an (Arabic: معان‎, Ma‘ān) is a ceety in soothren Jordan 218 km away frae the caipital Amman. It is the caipital o Ma'an Govrenorate. Ma'an haes a population o aroond 50,000. The ceety haed a population o 22,989 in the 1992 census an is estimatit as bein aboot 50,000 as o 2007 accordin tae the Ma'an Municipality.[1] Ceevilizations wi the name o Ma'an hae existit syne at least Nabatean times - the modren ceety is tae the north an wast o the auncient toun.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

A pre 1920 photo o the train station in Ma'an. The Hejaz Railway is still operational the day.

In the pre-Islamic times, Ma'an wis inhabitit bi the Ghassanids, who instawed Farwa Al-Juthamiyy as Emir on Ma'an. The Ghassanide kinrick wis unner the influence o the Byzantine Empire, an followed the Christian faith. Efter the Battle o Mu'tah, Farwa wis accused o bein Muslim, the Ghassanids arrestit Farwa an crucified him, near the Afra het springs, in response, the newly formed Muslim state in Medina, sent an airmy led bi Ussama bin Zaid, who conquered Ma'an.

When the Umayyads teuk control o the Muslim empire, Ma'an flourished, an is till the day a major hub an a rest aurie for the pilgrims comin frae Sirie an Turkey on thair wey tae Mecca. In 1559, the Ottomans biggit the Saraya fort in Ma'an, tae be a rest aurie for the pilgrims goin tae Mecca. In 1902 the Ma'an train station connectit the ceety tae Damascus in Sirie, an Medina in the Hejaz. Follaein the faw o Damascus tae the French in 1920 efter the Battle o Maysaloon, Emir Abdullah arrived tae Ma'an tae gather support an reorganize the Arab forces tae reclaim Sirie, on 5 Januar 1920, he issued a statement tae caw for war against the occupation o Sirie, later in that year a sma force wis organized an named the Arab Airmy, an wis the nucleus o the later tae be kent the Arab Legion.

Education[eedit | eedit soorce]

Al-Hussein Bin Talal University is the ae varsity in Ma'an. It affers unnergraduate degrees in ingineerin, airts, science, business admeenistration, airchaeology, eddication an nursin. The varsity is locatit on the ootskirts o the Ceety o Ma'an in the soothren pairt o Jordan, 214 kilometers frae the caipital Amman. As sic, a considerable pairt o AHU's mission is devotit tae providin appropriate specializations an trainin programs that are desperately needit in the soothren region, in general an Ma'an Govrenorate, in parteecular. Mairower, the varsity provides local community institutions wi well-trained an qualified human resoorces, who are, in turn, expectit tae act effectively in the development o aw sectors o thair communities. Further an abuin aw, the varsity attaches utmaist priority tae academic research an the educational process, which come at the hert o the varsity's mission. AHU, establisht in 1999 on a campus that wis ance a branch o Mu'tah University, wis relocatit tae the new campus, 9 kilometers wast o the Ceety o Ma'an, in September 2004. The Master Plan o the permanent campus, which haes adoptit the internaitional construction measures, wis awardit the ISO accreditation in Ware 2007. AHU comprises seiven distinguisht colleges which confer the Bachelor o Airts or Bachelor o Science degrees in (38) academic specializations in addition tae the postgraduate Diploma in baith Eddication an Heicher Admeenistration. In addition tae the currently wirkin academic centers, namely, the Computer Center, Academic Faculty Professional Development Center an Nabataean Studies Center, the varsity is plannin tae establish a nummer o research centers concerned wi the studies oآ environment, desertification, minin, badia & rural affairs. In addition tae the academic affairs, the varsity excels in sport, social an cultural activities.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

A new economic zone wis established tae encourage new industries tae operate in the Ma'an Special Economic Zone.

Famous fowk frae Ma'an[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Bahjat Talhouni. Prime Meenister
  • Khalil Talhouni. The foonder o Zara Investments Holdong Co.
  • Suliman Arar سليمان عرار. Meenister o Interior
  • Yousef AlAthem يوسف العظم. Poet an Member o Parliament
  • Tawfiq Kreishan. Meenister o State for Parliamentary Affairs
  • Saad Abudayeh. Author. Chairman o the Poleetical Science Depairtment at the University o Jordan
  • Professor Arafat Awajan, Author o mair nor 60 internaitional scienteefic research papers in ICT. Dean o the Keeng Hussein School o Information Technology an Director o the ICT centre in the Royal Scienteefic Society - Amman - Jordan

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Coordinates: 30°11.6′N 35°44′E / 30.1933°N 35.733°E / 30.1933; 35.733