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M90 motorway shield

M90 motorway
Route information
Part of Tabliczka E15.svg E15
Lenth30.0 mi (48.3 km)
Existit1964 – present
HistoryConstructit 1964–80[1]
Major junctions
FraeJunction 1a o the M9
 Junction 2.svg UK-Motorway-A823 (M).svg
A823(M) motorwey
TaePerth (twa ends; ane east 56°22′58″N 3°24′23″W / 56.3827°N 3.4065°W / 56.3827; -3.4065 (M90 motorway (northern end)), ane at Broxden Junction 56°23′18″N 3°29′13″W / 56.3882°N 3.4869°W / 56.3882; -3.4869 (M90 motorway (northern end)))
Edinburgh, Edinburgh Airport, Forth Road Brig, Dumfaurlin, Kinross, Perth
Road network

The M90 is a motorwey in Scotland. It runs frae junction 1a o the M9, at the sooth end o the Forth Road Brig,[2] tae Perth, passin Dumfaurlin an Kinross on the wey. It is the maist northerly motorwey in the Unitit Kinrick, the northrenmaist pynt bein a spur intae the wastren suburbs o Perth at Broxden.

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