M1117 Armored Security Vehicle

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M1117 Armored Security Vehicle
M1117 Armored Security Vehicle in Bulgarie
TeepInternal security vehicle
Place o oreegin Unitit States
Service history
In service1999 - Present
Uised biSee Operators
WarsOperation Enduring Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Production history
ManufacturerTextron Marine & Land Systems
Wecht29,560 lb (13,408 kg)
Lenth237 in (6.07 m)
Weenth101 in (2.56 m)
Hicht102 in (2.59 m)
Crew3/1 passenger

AirmourIBD Modular Expandable Armor System
40 mm Mk 19 grenade launcher, .50 calibre M2HB
M240H Medium Machine Gun
IngineCummins 6CTA8.3
260 hp
Suspension4×4 wheeled, fully independent
440 miles @ 40 mph
Speed63 mph (100 km/h)

The M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle, or ASV, is an internal security vehicle manufactured bi Cadillac Gage o Textron for uise bi the U.S. Airmy's Military Police Corps. Its armament consists o an Mk 19 grenade launcher an M2 Browning Machine Gun, muntit in a turret seemilar tae that uised on the US Marine Corps' Amphibious Assault Vehicle; an a M240H Medium Machine Gun muntit ootside the gunner's hatch. The vehicle haes acome vera popular wi U.S. Military Police Units an Convoy Security Units in Iraq. It is a mair hivily protectit an hivily airmit alternative tae the airmort Humvee which wis no oreeginally designed tae be a protectit fechtin vehicle.

Variants[eedit | eedit soorce]

The follaein variants are kent tae be in production/service:[1]

  • Command & Control
  • Recovery Vehicle (Each ASV can flat tow anither ASV or HMMWV)
  • Reconnaissance Surveillance & Target Acquisition (RSTA)
  • Ambulance
  • Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV, fancy name for an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC))
  • M1200 Armored Knight FiST-V

Export variants[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bulgarie uises a variant o the M1117 APC fittit wi a NSVT hivy machine gun insteid o the M2. No aw vehicles hae been convertit this wey.

The Iraqi Armored Personnel Carrier ASV variant is configured for transport.

Operators[eedit | eedit soorce]

  •  Bulgarie - 7 (6 wi the troops in Afghanistan), mair tae be delivered. General Defence Staff o Bulgarie haes put a requirement for additional 30 units tae the Parliament.[2]
  •  Colombie - 39, Uised bi the Airmy, it is expectit the acquisition o a batch o the same amunt. Thir vehicles are the Infantry Carrier Vehicle version, purchased tae supplement Colombie's recently acquired fleet o BTR-80's, anither 39 wur expectit tae came in operational service in 2012[3].
  •  Iraq - 184, uised bi Iraqi Naitional Polis units. 80 mair tae be delivered.[4]
  •  Unitit States - 1,836. The vehicle is primarily uised bi U.S. Military Police Units an Convoy Security Units in Iraq.

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