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Luzon is locatit in Philippines
Location within the Philippines
Location Sootheast Asie
Coordinates 16°00′N 121°00′E / 16.000°N 121.000°E / 16.000; 121.000Coordinates: 16°00′N 121°00′E / 16.000°N 121.000°E / 16.000; 121.000
Airchipelagae Philippines
Adjacent bouks o watter
Major islands
Aurie 109,965 km2 (42,458 sq mi)[1]
Aurie rank 15t
Heichest elevation 2,922 m (9,587 ft)
Heichest point Pulag
Lairgest settlement Quezon Ceety (pop. 2,761,720[2])
Population 52,990,000 (2015)
Pop. density 441 /km2 (1,142 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups

Luzon (Tagalog pronunciation: [luˈson]) is the lairgest an maist populous island in the Philippines an the 15t lairgest in the warld. Locatit in the northren region o the airchipelago, it is the economic an poleetical centre o the naotion, bein hame tae the kintra's caipital ceety, Manila, as well as Quezon Ceety, the kintra's maist populous. Wi a population o 52.99 million as o 2015,[2] it is the fowert maist populous island in the warld (efter Java, Honshu, an Great Breetain), conteenin aboot 53% o the kintra's tot population.

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