Luzhniki Stadium

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Luzhniki Stadium
[[File:UEFA Category 4 Stadium
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Location Flag of Russia.svg Moscow, Roushie
Coordinates 55°42′56″N 37°33′13″E / 55.71556°N 37.55361°E / 55.71556; 37.55361
Capacity 81,000
Record attendance 102,538 (USSR-Italy,
13 October 1963)
Surface FieldTurf (Gress For
2008 UEFA Champions
League Final
Appent Julie 31, 1956
1980 Simmer Olympics
2013 Warld Championships in Athletics
2018 FIFA Warld Cup

The Grand Sports Arena o the Luzhniki Olympic Complex (Roushie: Большая спортивная арена Олимпийского комплекса Лужники) in Moscow, or briefly Luzhniki Stadium (Roushie: Стадион "Лужники"), is the biggest sports stadium in Roushie. Its tot seatin capacity is 78,360 seats, aw covered (upgradit). The stadium is a pairt o the Luzhniki Olympic Complex, previously cried the Central Lenin Stadium (Roushie: Центральный стадион имени В. И. Ленина). The name Luzhniki derives frae the fluid meadows in the bend o Moskva River whaur the stadium wis biggit, translatin roughly as "The Meadows". The stadium is locatit in Khamovniki Destrict o the Central Admeenistrative Okrug o Moscow-ceety. As pairt o the Olympic complex, Luzhniki an aa haes the Palace o Sport at Luzhniki.

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