Luxembourg naitional fitbaa team

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Nickname(s) de Roude Léiw /
d'Roud Léiwen /
Les Lions Rouge

(The Red Lion(s))
Association Luxembourg Fitbaa Federation
(Fédération Luxembourgeoise
de Football)
Confederation UEFA (Europe)
Heid coach Luc Holtz
Captain René Peters
Maist caps Jeff Strasser (98)
Tap scorer Léon Mart (16)
Home stadium Stade Josy Barthel
FIFA rankin 127 Decrease -1
Heichest FIFA rankin 93 (April 1996)
Lawest FIFA rankin 195 (August 2006)
Elo rankin 160
Heichest Elo rankin 76 (28 Julie 1946)
Lawest Elo rankin 190 (October 2004 tae Januar 2006, September 2007)
First colours
Second colours
First internaitional
Luxembourg Luxembourg 1–4 Fraunce 
(Luxembourg Ceety, Lux.; October 29, 1911)
Biggest win
Luxembourg Luxembourg 6–0 Afghanistan 
(Lunnon, Ingland; Julie 26, 1948)
Biggest defeat
Luxembourg Luxembourg 0–9 Ingland 
(Luxembourg Ceety, Lux.; October 19, 1960)
 Ingland 9–0 Luxembourg Luxembourg
(Lunnon, Ingland; December 15, 1982)
European Championship
Appearances none

The Luxembourg naitional fitbaa team (nicknamed the Reid Lions) is the naitional fitbaa team o Luxembourg, an is controlled bi the Luxembourg Fitbaa Federation. The team plays maist o its home matches at the Stade Josy Barthel in Luxembourg Ceety.