London Borough of Brent

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(Reguidit frae Lunnon Burgh o Brent)
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Lunnon Burgh o Brent
Lunnon burgh
Coat o airms o Lunnon Burgh o Brent
Coat o airms
Offeecial logo o Lunnon Burgh o Brent
Cooncil logo
Motto: Forward Together
Brent shown athin Greater Lunnon
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Constituent kintra Ingland
Region Lunnon
Ceremonial coonty Greater Lunnon
Status Lunnon burgh
Admin HQ Forty Lane, Wembley
Incorporatit 1 Aprile 1965
 • Teep Lunnon borough cooncil
 • Bouk Brent London Borough Council
 • Leadership Leader & Cabinet (Labour)
 • Mayor Aslam Choudry[1]
 • MPs Barry Gardiner
Glenda Jackson
Sarah Teather
 • Lunnon Assembly Navin Shah AM for Brent an Harrow
 • EU Parliament Lunnon
 • Tot 16.70 sq mi (43.24 km2)
Aurie rank 284t (o 326)
Population (mid-2014 est.)
 • Tot 320,762
 • Rank 26t (o 326)
 • Ethnicity[2] 30.9% White Breetish
5.7% White Erse
9.4% Ither White
1.0% White & Black Caribbean
0.7% White & Black African
1.1% White & Asie
1.1% Ither Mixed
18.1% Indie
4.3% Pakistani
0.6% Bangladeshi
4.8% Ither Asie
9.4% Black Caribbean
7.7% Black African
1.4% Ither Black
1.3% Cheenese
2.6% Ither
Time zone GMT (UTC0)
 • Summer (DST) BST (UTC+1)


, NW
Area code(s) 020
Polis force Metropolitan Polis

The Lunnon Burgh o Brent (Aboot this soond pronunciation ) is a Lunnon burgh in Northwast Lunnon, Ingland an forms pairt o Ooter Lunnon. The major aurie is Wembley.

It borders Harrow tae the north-wast, Barnet tae the north-east, Camden tae the east an Ealing, Hammersmith an Fulham, an Kensington an Chelsea tae the sooth, an Wastmeenster tae the sooth-east. Maist o the eastren border is formit bi the Roman road Watling Street, nou the modren A5.

Brent haes a mixtur o residential, industrial an commercial land. Wembley is the major toun o Brent, which is hame tae Wembley Stadium an Wembley Arena.

Brent is in the HA an NW postcode auries. Brent postcodes include: HA0, HA1, HA3, HA9, NW2, NW6, NW9 an NW10.

The Brent Cross shoppin centre is no locatit in Brent, but in the Lunnon Burgh o Barnet. It takes its name frae the River Brent which runs through the steid.

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