London Bridge

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(Reguidit frae Lunnon Brig)
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Coordinates: 51°30′29″N 0°05′16″W / 51.50806°N 0.08778°W / 51.50806; -0.08778

London Bridge
London Bridge Illuminated.jpg
The current London Bridge opened in 1973
Coordinates 51°30′29″N 0°05′16″W / 51.50806°N 0.08778°W / 51.50806; -0.08778
Carries Five lanes of the A3
Crosses River Thames
Locale Central Lunnon
Mainteened bi Bridge House Estates,
City of London Corporation
Precedit bi Cannon Street Railway Bridge
Follaed bi Tower Bridge
Design Prestressed concrete box girder bridge
Tot lenth 269 m (882.5 ft)
Width 32 m (105.0 ft)
Langest span 104 m (341.2 ft)
Clearance ablo 8.9 m (29.2 ft)
Design life Modren brig (1971–present)
Victorian stone airch (1832–1968)
Medieval stone airch (1176–1832)
Various widden brigs (AD50–1176)
Opened 17 Mairch 1973; 46 years ago (1973-03-17)

Several heestorical brigs named London Bridge (Scots: Lunnon Brig) hae spanned the River Thames atween the Ceety o Lunnon an Southwark, in central Lunnon. The current crossin, which opened tae traffic in 1974, is a box girder brig biggit frae concrete an steel.