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Luis Miguel
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Background information
Birth nameLuis Miguel Gallego Basteri
Forby kent asEl Sol de México, "Luismi", "Micky"
Born (1970-04-19) 19 Aprile 1970 (age 50)
Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico
GenresLatin pop, pop muisic, bolero, mariachi
ThriftSangster, sangwriter, record producer
InstrumentsVocal, piano
Years active1981–present
LabelsEMI Latin (1981-1986)
Warner Music (1987-present)
Associate actsFrank Sinatra
Armando Manzanero
Manuel Alejandro
Sheena Easton

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri (19 Apryle 1970) is a Mexican sangster.[1][2] He is widely kent bi his stage name Luis Miguel. He is acclaimed as "El Sol de México" (The Sun of Mexico) or simply "El Sol" (The Sun).[3][4]

Luis Miguel is a top selling artist and recipient of four Latin Grammys. Grammy Latin Grammys[5] an is considered one of the world's best male pop vocalists. His contribution tae Latin pop music, alng wi his reclusive personal life, has made him a global figure of Latin muisic for nearly three decades. He was only 12 year auld when he first performed professionally and received his first Grammy at age 15 for his duet "Me Gustas Tal Como Eres" with Sheena Easton.[3] In 1991, the RIAA recognized record sales of his albums Romance and Segundo Romance.[3] Luis Miguel is the ainly Latin artist wha haes twa Spaingie lied albums (Romance an Segundo Romance) gan platinum in the USA, an his album Luis Miguel achieved gold and# platinum certifications in fower countries within three days o its release.

Luis Miguel is kent for his high-grossing live performances. His Amarte Es Un Placer Tour lasted echt month during 1999–2000 and ran through echt countries and two continents. The tour consisted of 105 concerts, becomin the most extended tour bi a Latin artist, and was attended by approximately 1.5 million fans. It was the highest-grossin tour performed by a Laitin artist. He surpassed these records with his Mexico En La Piel Tour o 2005–2007, amassin a total of 129 concerts, over 1.4 millions spectators, an ower $95 million grossed.[6]

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

First recordins an commercial breakoot[eedit | eedit soorce]

Durin his bairn years, his faither Luisito Rey, wha wis his manager foreby, encouragit him tae watch an analyze nearly ivery movie, recordin, an concert performance o Elvis Presley.[7]

In 1981, at the age o 11, Miguel released his first album, Un Sol, bi the Mexican branch o EMI Records.[8] Twa year later, he stairtit tourin Latin American kintras includin Colombie, Venezuela, Chile an Argentinae.

In 1985, at age o 15, he teuk pairt at the Sanremo Music Festival, whaur he wan the seicont place awaird wi his sang "Noi Ragazzi Di Oggi".[7] That same year, he wis presentit wi the "Antorcha de Plata" Award an aw in the Viña del Mar Muisic Festival for his duet single "Me Gustas Tal Como Eres" ("A Like You Juist As You Are") wi Scots sangster Sheena Easton.[3] In 1983, he co-starred in the film Ya Nunca Más an in 1985, Fiebre de Amor wi sangster Lucero as his co-starn.[7]

In 1986, Luis Miguel gave his career a brief break, as his relationship wi his faither wis sourin due tae allegit mismanagement, poor financial decisions an riskin his earnins o his career. Shortly efter signin wi Warner Records, in 1987, he fired his faither an stairtit tae wirk wi Juan Carlos Calderón.[7] Luis Miguel's album Soy Como Quiero Ser in Mey 1987 sauld well.[7] The album featured coverin hits such as "Cuando Calienta El Sol", "Ahora Te Puedes Marchar", an "Yo Que No Vivo Sin Ti".

On 25 November 1988, Luis Miguel's seicont album Busca Una Mujer wis released. The first single La Incondicional became a top-ten hit throuoot Laitin Americae in the first hauf o 1989,[7] thanks in pairt tae the muisic video. The video wis shockin tae mony fans as he haed cut his signatur lang hair. This cementit his transition frae a bairn starn intae an adult superstarn. By the end o 1989, the second single Fría Como el Viento reached No. 1 on the Hot Latin Tracks.[9] He haed a top-ten single Separados in early 1990 an aw, peakin at #8.

In 1990, he made a successful transition frae a bairn sangster tae an adult showman wi the album 20 Años an a ensuin string o sauld-oot shows first in Mexico then throuoot Laitin Americae an elsewhaur in the warld. 20 Años which sauld 600,000 copies in its first week o release,[7] resultit in release o three singles Tengo Todo Excepto A Ti, Entrégate, Amante Del Amor wi the twa umwhile hittin nummer 1 on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks in 1990.[9]

Internaitional superstardom[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1991, Luis Miguel's career went tae even greater hichts an earned his the respect o a wider audience wi the release o Romance, an album o romantic boleros, maist o thaim from the 1950s. He haes been creditit wi reinventin the bolero for modren audiences. The album Romance, which became his maist successful material iver eventually sauld 15 million units warldwide.[7]

In 1993, Luis Miguel's fift studio album, Aries, wis released, which wan him that year's Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album.[3] That same year, Luis Miguel wis personally invitit bi Frank Sinatra tae join him on his Duets II album an tae perform live in a naitionally televisit special in honour o Sinatra's 80t birthday; alang wi ither starns such as Stevie Wonder an Natalie Cole.[7]

In 1994, he released a sequel tae Romance, Segundo Romance, featurin Luis Miguel as a convincin pop sangster wi mastery ower timeless Laitin classics such as "Solamente Una Vez" an "Sin Ti". The album went on tae earn a Grammy Award[3] as well as reachin a Platinum status in the Unitit States.[10]

In 1996, Luis receivit a starn in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.[3] Suin efter, Luis Miguel quickly returned tae the studios an released Nada Es Igual, a pop album featurin "Sueña", the main theme for Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.[3] In 1997, Luis Miguel released his third album o the bolero series Romances, which earned him a World Music Award an anither Grammy Award.[7]

In 1999, Luis Miguel released his nint studio album Amarte Es Un Placer which, in 2000, earned him twa Latin Grammys for bein Best Album of the Year an Best Pop Album of the Year.[3] The single "O Tú, O Ninguna" o Amarte Es Un Placer became nummer 1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks an perched at the top position for aicht consecutive weeks.[9] Follaein the success o Amarte Es Un Placer, Luis Miguel released Mis Romances in 2001, his fowert album in the bolero series. The album, which sauld over twa million copies warldwide wis follaeed bi the launch o Mis Romances Tour which teuk place throuoot the U.S., Europe, an Laitin Americae.

In 2003, Luis Miguel released his first pop album in ower fower years entitled 33, indicative o his age. The album, which featured a collection o ballads an uptempo sangs climbit tae nummer 1 on Billboard's Latin Charts earnin Luis Miguel twa Billboard Awards as well as Grammy an Latin Grammy awaird nominations.[8] On the 33 Tour, Luis Miguel filled the lairgest haws in the U.S., toured throuoot Laitin Americae, includin Chile whaur his album 33 sauld 2.5 million copies (mair records than ony ither airtist in the history o Chile).[8] He performit at Mexico's sauld-oot Auditorio Nacional an aw, an various sauld-oot shows at Buenos Aires, as well as ither prestigious internaitional venues such as Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Spain. That same year, Prince Felipe o Spain presentit him wi a special awaird for bein the best-sellin foreign airtist in his kintra's history, an hostit a special pairty in his honor in Madrid.[7]

In 2004, Luis Miguel released his Mexico En La Piel. The album, which wis a collection o tradeetional Mexican mariachi sangs went on tae sell three million copies warldwide.[11] He launched his Mexico En La Piel Tour in 2005. In 2006, Luis Miguel performit thirty sauld oot shows atween 18 Januar an 27 Februar at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico Ceety.[7] The 123-date tour stairtit in September 2005 in Mexico which then stretched tae Argentinae, Chile an Uruguay.

Luis Miguel in 2005

In 2005, Luis Miguel released Grandes éxitos, his first greatest hits album, that featured his greatest sangs he recordit durin aw his career, includin twa niver-released singles: "Misterios Del Amor" an "Si Te Perdiera".

That same year, he released a Christenmas album cried Navidades. The playleet includes mony Christenmas staundarts in Spainyie. The album reached nummer ane on Billboard's Top Latin Albums chairt durin the first week o its release.[12] The album released twa singles "Santa Claus Llegó A La Ciudad" ("Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"), an "Mi Humilde Oración" ("My Grown-up Christmas List").

On 6 Mey 2008, Luis Miguel released Cómplices, producit bi him an written bi Spainyie componer Manuel Alejandro. It sold amaist 350,000 copies in the first 24 oors.[13] The first single, "Si Tú Te Atreves" wis released on 7 Apryle 2008, the seicont single o the album wis "Te Desean". His Complices Tour began in Seattle, Washington on 3 September 2008.

Luis Miguel released his sel-titled studio album on 14 September 2010. Its first single "Labios de Miel" is a smooth Latin pop sang. His warld tour stairtit on 4 November 2010 in the ceety o Lima, Peru an runs throu the Unitit States, Sooth Americae, Mexico an Spain amang ither kintras.[14] On 22 Februar 2012, he sang at the Viña del Mar Internaitional Sang Festival. Wi ane million dollars for his performance, he became the maist expensive airtist in the history o the festival. Luis Miguel performit at the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival on 31 August 2013.[15]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Luis Miguel constantly refuses tae speak tae the media aboot his personal life an keeps the matter private.[16]

Awtho his parents livit in Mexico, Luis Miguel wis bairn in Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico, while his faither wis performin a show.[7] His faither wis the Spainyie sangster, sangwriter an guitarist Luis Gallego Sanchez, kent as "Luisito Rey". His mither wis Italian Marcela Basteri. His faither wis frae Cadiz, a ceety in soothwastren Spain, an his mither wis frae the Province o Massa an Carrara, Italy. He wis namit Luis Miguel in honor o Spainyie bullfechter Luis Miguel Dominguín.[17] Luis Miguel haes twa younger brithers, Alejandro an Sergio. He haed a difficult relationship wi his faither, who wis his manager an aw. His faither wis vera strict an demandin durin the incessant rehearsals, awtho, it haes been creditit the strict discipline o his faither wi playin a lairge role in his success. Due tae his early fame, Luis Miguel haed a difficult bairnheid. In 1986, his mither disappeared mysteriously an her whareabopts wur unkent till November 2012, when Luis Miguel allegedly foond her in a mental hospital.[18] In the late 1980s, due tae financial problems Luis Miguel fired his faither. Efter their detachment, his faither fell intae depression an dee'd on 9 Dizember 1992 in Spain.[7]

Luis Miguel is recognisit for his taste for haute cuisine an for bein a sel-taucht sommelier. Luis Miguel released his awn vintage o wine, "Único. Luis Miguel", a Cabernet Sauvignon.[19][20] A native Spainyie speaker, he speaks fluent Inglis, Italian an Portuguese an aw.[21][22]

Luis Miguel is the faither o three childer: Michelle Salas, bairn on 13 Juin 1989, frae his relationship wi Stephanie Salas; Miguel, bairn on 1 Januar 2007 an Daniel, bairn on 18 Dizember 2008, baith frae his relationship wi actress Aracely Arámbula. His numerous relationships are widely covered bi the Laitin media.[23]

In Aprile 2010, he wis briefly hospitalisit at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The cause o the hospitalization wis no disclosed.[24]

Airtistry an image[eedit | eedit soorce]

Luis Miguel rarely grants interviews or attends awaird ceremonies. He is aye escortit bi a diligent security team an he is transportit in several larries tae distract paparazzis an reporters. Luis Miguel is kent for bein an hermetic an meesterious individual.[25]

Luis Miguel's starn on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Luis Miguel is considered as ane o the top male pop sangsters warldwide the day. In a career that haes spanned ower twinty-five years, he haes become the main male sangster frae Laitin Americae, haein performit successfully pop muisic, bolero, mariachi an romantic ballads.[26][27] In the late 1980s, Luis Miguel made the transition frae bairn starn tae consolidatit internaitional sangster, an syne then, he became ane o the maist revered an popular Laitin American airtists iver.[26][27] Dubbit as a crooner an aw, his wide vocal range an performance haes been praised bi creetics an ither airtists aw ower the warld.[26][27]

Frank Sinatra personally invitit Luis Miguel tae pairticipate on a duet in the album Duets II. Luis Miguel haes been dubbit several times bi the press an the media as the "Latin Frank Sinatra".[28]

His muisic haes reached tae nan-Spainyie speakin continents such as Asie an Africae. The press statit that at the time o his captur, the dictator Saddam Hussein, had the album Segundo Romance, amang his belangins.[29]

Summary o distinctions[eedit | eedit soorce]

At the age o fifteen, Luis Miguel receivit a Grammy Award for his duet "Me Gustas Tal Como Eres" (I Like You Just The Way You Are) wi Sheena Easton.[3] In 1991, the RIAA gave him a recognition for the heich sales o the albums Romance an Segundo Romance.[3] Luis Miguel is the anerly Laitin airtist tae hae twa Spainyie-leid albums (Romance an Segundo Romance) go platinum in the USA.

He wis the anerly Laitin airtist tae perform at the show "SINATRA: 80 Years My Way", alang wi ither pop icons such as Bruce Springsteen, Natalie Cole an Bob Dylan.[3] His album Romances o 1997, became the first Spainyie-leid album iver debutin at No. 14 on the Billboard Top 200.[3] Warner Music recognisit Luis Miguel as the best-sellin airtist in the history o Chile wi ower 2.5 million records sauld.[3] In 2003, Prince Felipe o Spain presentit him wi a special awaird for bein the best-sellin foreign airtist in his kintra's history. In 2008, Luis Miguel's album Navidades became the first Christenmas album iver bein nominatit tae the Grammy in the category o Pop.[3] His album Cómplices breuk records in Mexico, bi sellin ower 320,000 copies in its first day o release.[3] Juist three days efter its release, his new album achievit Quadruple Platinum certification in Mexico, Platinum in Argentinae an gowd records in Chile an the Unitit States.

Luis Miguel is kent bi his heich-grossin tours an his ootstaundin live performances an aw. His Amarte Es Un Placer Tour haed a lenth o 8 month an run throu Mexico, USA, Argentinae, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil an Spain atween 1999 an 2000. The tour consistit o 105 concerts an wis attendit bi approximately 1.5 million fans. It wis the heichest-grossin tour ever made by a Laitin airtist, as well as the maist extendit. These twa records hae been breuken bi his Mexico En La Piel Tour. His 33 Tour peakit at No. 1 in the Billboard World Top Boxscore.[3] The Mexico En La Piel Tour o 2005–2007, wi a total o 124 concerts, peakit at No. 1 in the Billboard World Top Boxscore. The tour spanned twa years wi a total o 124 concerts attendit bi ower 1.5 millions spectators, an grossed aroond $950 million.[3] In 2006, durin the Mexico En La Piel Tour, efter givin 30 consecutive sauld-oot concerts at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico, gatherin ower 260,000 spectators he wis awairdit wi the "Estela de Plata" at the last concert.[3] His Luis Miguel Tour is rankit at nummer five o the heichest-grossin tours o 2011 in North Americae.[30]

Awairds an recognitions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Album certifications[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Soy Como Quiero Ser: 5 Platinum Discs, 8 Gowd Discs
  • Romance: 1 Diamond Disc, 70 Platinum Discs, 3 Gowd Discs
  • Aries: 1 Diamond Disc, 40 Platinum Discs 6 Gowd Discs
  • Segundo Romance: 1 Diamond Disc, 50 Platinum Discs, 2 Gowd Disc
  • El Concierto: 13 Platinum Discs, 3 Gowd Disc
  • Nada Es Igual: 30 Platinum Discs, 1 Gowd Disc
  • Romances: 1 Diamond Disc, 50 Platinum Discs
  • Amarte Es Un Placer: 14 Platinum Discs, 4 Gowd Discs
  • Mis Romances: 8 Platinum Discs, 3 Gowd Discs
  • 33: 11 Platinum Discs, 2 Gowd Discs
  • México En La Piel: 1 Diamond Disc, 11 Platinum Discs, 1 Gowd Disc
  • Grandes Exitos: 5 Platinum Discs, 3 Gowd Discs
  • Grandes Exitos Videos: 1 Platinum Discs, 1 Gowd Disc
  • Navidades Luis Miguel: 1 Diamond Discs, 10 Platinum Discs, 2 Gowd Disc.
  • Cómplices: 1 Diamond Disc, 9 Platinum Discs, 1 Gowd Disc

Total career: 7 Diamond Discs, 327 Platinum Discs, 40 Gowd Discs

Total career coontin singles: 16.7 million discs[3][31][32][33][34]


Tours[eedit | eedit soorce]

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