Ludwig Rudolph, Duke o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

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Ludwig Rudolph
Duke o Brunswick-Lüneburg
Prince o Wolfenbüttel
Louis Rudolph duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.jpg
Louis Rudolph o Brunswick-Lüneburg
Born22 Julie 1671(1671-07-22)
Wolfenbüttel, Brunswick-Lüneburg
Dee'd1 Mairch 1735(1735-03-01) (aged 63)
Brunswick, Brunswick-Lüneburg
BuirialBrunswick Cathedral
SpousePrincess Christine Luise o Oettingen-Oettingen
IssueEmpress Elisabeth Christine, Haly Roman Empress Consort
Croun Princess Charlotte Christine o Roushie
Antoinette, Duchess o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
HooseHoose o Welf
FaitherAnton Ulrich, Duke o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
MitherPrincess Elisabeth Juliana o Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Norburg

Ludwig Rudolph, Duke o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (22 Julie 1671 – 1 Mairch 1735), a member o the Hoose o Welf, wis Duke o Brunswick-Lüneburg and ruling Prince o Wolfenbüttel frae 1731 until his daith. Since 1707, he ruled as an immediate Prince o Blankenburg. Ludwig Rudolph wis the maternal grandfaither o Maria Theresa, The Haly Roman Empress, Emperor Peter II of Russia an also Charles I, Duke o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ludwig Rudolph mairit Christine Louise, dochter o Albert Ernest I, Prince o Oettingen, at Aurich in 1690.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Elisabeth Christine o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1691–1750) mairit Charles VI, Haly Roman Emperor mither o Empress Maria Theresa.
  2. Charlotte Auguste (1692–1692)
  3. Charlotte Christine o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1694–1715), mairit Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich o Roushie, son and heir o Peter the Great an wis mither o Peter II o Roushie.
  4. Antoinette Amalie o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (14 Aprile 1696 – 6 Mairch 1762), mairit Duke Ferdinand Albert II o Brunswick-Lüneburg.