Ludwig Boltzmann

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Ludwig Boltzmann
Ludwig Boltzmann
BornLudwig Eduard Boltzmann
20 Februar 1844(1844-02-20)
Vienna, Austrick Empire (present-day Austrick)
Dee'd5 September 1906(1906-09-05) (aged 62)
Tybein near Trieste, Austrick-Hungary (present-day Duino, Italy)
Cause o daith
ResidenceAustrick, Germany
Alma materVarsity o Vienna
Kent forBoltzmann constant
Boltzmann equation
Boltzmann distribution
Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution
Stefan–Boltzmann constant
Stefan–Boltzmann law
Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics
Boltzmann factor
Scientific career
InstitutionsVarsity o Graz
Varsity o Vienna
Varsity o Munich
Varsity o Leipzig
Doctoral advisorJosef Stefan
Doctoral studentsPaul Ehrenfest
Philipp Frank
Gustav Herglotz
Franc Hočevar
Ignacij Klemenčič
Ither notable studentsLise Meitner
SignaturLudwig Boltzmann signature.svg

Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann (Februar 20, 1844 – September 5, 1906) wis an Austrick pheesicist an filosofer whose greatest achievement wis in the development o stateestical mechanics, which explains an predicts hou the properties o atoms (sic as mass, charge, an structur) determine the pheesical properties o matter (sic as viscosity, thermal conductivity, an diffusion).