Luís Filipe, Prince Ryal o Portugal

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Luís Filipe
Prince Ryal o Portugal
SAR Luis Filipe.jpg
Born 21 Mairch 1887(1887-03-21)
Belém Pailace, Lisbon, Portugal
Dee'd 1 Februar 1908(1908-02-01) (aged 20)
Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon, Portugal
Full name
Luís Filipe Maria Carlos Amélio Fernando Victor Manuel António Lourenço Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis Bento de Bragança
Hoose Braganza
Faither Carlos I o Portugal
Mither Amélie o Orléans
Releegion Roman Catholic
Seegnatur Luís Filipe's signature
Coat of Arms of the Prince of Portugal (1481-1910).png

Luís Filipe, Prince Ryal o Portugal (21 Mairch 1887 – 1 Februar 1908) wis the eldest son an heir-apparent o Keeng Carlos I o Portugal. He was born in 1887 when his faither wis still "Prince Ryal o Portugal" an received the usual style o the heirs tae the heir o the Portuguese croun: 4t Prince o Beira at birth, with the subsidiary teetle 14t Duke o Barcelos. After his grandfaither Keeng Luís I o Portugal died, he became Prince Ryal o Portugal with the subsidiary titles 21st Duke o Braganza, 20t Marquis of Vila Viçosa, 28t coont o Barcelos, 25t coont o Ourém, 23rd coont o Arraiolos an 22nd coont o Neiva. He niver mairit an is sometimes, but inaccurately, called "Croun Prince o Portugal".

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Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 21 Mairch 1887 – 19 October 1889 His Ryal Highness The Prince o Beira, Duke o Barcelos.
  • 19 October 1889 – 1 Februar 1908 His Ryal Highness The Prince Ryal o Portugal, Duke o Braganza.