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Location of Lowden
 • Total1,720 km2 (666 sq mi)
 • Total858,090
 • Density497/km2 (1288/sq mi)

Lowden (Inglis: Lothian; Scots Gaelic: Lodainn [ˈɫ̪ot̪ʰaɲ]) is a region o the Scots Lawlands, lyin atween the soothren shore o the Firth o Forth an the Lammermuir Hills.

Lowden is spleet intae three historic coonties: East Lowden Midlowden an Wast Lowden. Nou kent as the 'Lothians'.

Lowden gets it's name fae Brythonic leegendary kinrich o Lot, kent in the leid o the Britons as 'Lewdwn'.

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Coordinates: 55°54′33″N 3°05′04″W / 55.90917°N 3.08444°W / 55.90917; -3.08444