Louise o Lorraine

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Louise o Lorraine
Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont.jpg
Portrait o Queen Louise in circa 1575 bi Jean Rabel.
Queen consort o Fraunce
Tenur15 Februar 1575 – 2 August 1589
Queen consort o Poland
Tenur15 February 1575 – 12 Mey 1575
Born30 Apryle 1553(1553-04-30)
Nomeny, Bar, Fraunce
Dee'd29 Januar 1601(1601-01-29) (aged 47)
Moulins, Fraunce
Basilica o St Denis
SpouseHenry III o Fraunce
Full name
Louise de Lorraine
FaitherNicholas, Duke o Mercœur
MitherMarguerite d'Egmont
CoA of Louise of Lorraine-Vaudemont.png

Louise o Lorraine (30 Aprile 1553 – 29 Janua 1601), wis Queen consort o Fraunce an briefly Queen consort o Poland an Grand Duchess consort o Lithuanie bi mairiage tae Henry III o Fraunce. As a Dowager Queen, she also held the teetle o Duchess o Berry frae 1589 until daith. She niver haed childer.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 13 Februar 1575, Louise mairit Keeng Henry III o Fraunce, a son o Henry II o Fraunce an Catherine de' Medici. King Henry wis a brither o Queen Elisabeth (Isabel) o Spain aa well aa the former Queen Marguerite o Fraunce (wife o Henry IV o Fraunce) They haed nae childer.

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