Louise o Great Breetain

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Louise o Great Breetain
Louise of Great Britain queen of Denmark.jpg
Portrait bi Carl Gustav Pilo, c. 1745
Queen consort o Denmark an Norawa
Tenur6 August 1746 – 19 December 1751
Born18 December 1724(1724-12-18) (New Style)
Leicester Hoose, London, England
Dee'd19 December 1751(1751-12-19) (aged 27)
Christiansborg Pailace, Copenhagen, Denmark
BuirialRoskilde Cathedral
SpouseFrederick V o Denmark
IssueSophia Magdalena, Queen o Swaden
Wilhelmina Caroline, Electress o Hesse
Christian VII, Keeng o Denmark
Princess Louise
FaitherGeorge II o Great Breetain
MitherCaroline o Ansbach
Armoiries de la reine Louise de Grande-Bretagne.svg

Princess Louise o Great Breetain 18 December 1724 – 19 December 1751) wis Queen o Denmark an Norawa frae 1746 until her daith, as the first wife of King Frederick V. She wis the youngest dochter o Keeng George II o an Caroline o Ansbach.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Christian, Croun Prince o Denmark (7 Julie 1745 - 3 Juin 1747) died in infancy.
  2. Princess Sophia Magdalena o Denmark (3 Julie 1746 - 21 August 1813) mairit Gustav III o Swaden an haed issue.
  3. Princess Wilhelmina Caroline o Denmark (10 Julie 1747 - 19 Januar 1820) mairit William I, Elector o Hesse an haed issue.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]