Louise de Penancoët

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Louise de Penancoët
Duchess o Portsmouth
Lely Kéroualle 1671.jpg
The Duchess o Portsmouth bi Sir Peter Lely, circa 1671.
Full name
Louise Renée de Penancoët
BornSeptember 1649
Dee'd14 November 1734 (aged 85)
Finistère, Fraunce
BuiriedKirk o the Carmelite Convent
FaitherGuillaume de Kérouaille, Laird o Kérouaille
MitherMarie de Plœuc
Coronet of a British Duke.svg
Blason Fam fr de Penancoët de Keroual.svg

Louise de Penancoët (Louise Renée; September 1649 – 14 November 1734) was a mistress o Keeng Charles II o Ingland. She wis a lady-in-wauiting tae Princess Henrietta o Ingland, "Madame", wife o Philippe o Fraunce an sister-in-law o Louis XIV. While in Ingland, Charles II appointit her as a lady-in-waiting tae his own queen, Catherine o Braganza. King Charles creatit her Duchess o Portsmouth in her own right in 1673 but the teetle would go extinct upon her daith. Diana, Princess o Wales wis an ancester o hers. She wis also creatit Duke o Aubigny in Fraunce in 1684 bi Louis XIV it wis a Peerage o Fraunce

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Charles Lennox, 1st Duke o Richmond (29 Julie 1672 – 27 Mey 1723) mairit Anne Brudenel an haed issue.

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