Louise de La Vallière

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Louise de La Vallière
Duchess o La Vallière
Full name
Louise Françoise de La Baume Le Blanc
Born6 August 1644(1644-08-06)
Hôtel de la Crouzille, Tours, Fraunce
Dee'd7 Juin 1710(1710-06-07) (aged 65)
Paris, Fraunce
FaitherLaurent de La Vallière
MitherFrançoise Le Provost

Louise Françoise de La Baume Le Blanc (Louise Françoise; 6 August 1644 - 7 Juin 1710) known as Louise de La Vallière or Mademoiselle de La Vallière wis a mistress o Keeng Louis XIV o Fraunce. She had several childer with King Louis, two o whom survived infancy, but neither had any childer. She wis created Duchess o La Vallière an Duchess o Vaujours in 1667. The dukedom o La Vallière wis inherited bi her only surviving daughter, the Princess o Conti for it to then be inherited by Louise's great-nephew. Louise wis a friend o Madame de Montespan, another mistress o the king. After her disgrace Louise would become a nun on 3 Juin 1657. She wis a lady-in-waiting to Princess Henrietta o Ingland, Madame, wife o Philippe o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans, Monsieur

Issue with Keeng Louis XIV[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Charles de La Baume Le Blanc (19 December 1663 – 15 Julie 1665) died young.
  2. Philippe de La Baume Le Blanc (7 Januar 1665 – 1666) died young.
  3. Louis de La Baume Le Blanc (27 December 1665 – 1666) died young.
  4. Marie Anne de Bourbon (2 October 1666 – 3 Mai 1739) mairit Louis Armand de Bourbon, Prince o Conti but had no childer.
  5. Louis de Bourbon, Coont o Vermandois (2 October 1667 – 18 November 1683) died in adulthood.

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