Louis the Stammerer

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Louis the Stammerer
Keeng o Wastren Francie
Sacre Louis2 France 02.jpg
14t century depiction o Louis's coronation
Coronation8 December 877 in Compiègne
PredecessorCharles II
SuccessorLouis III an Carloman II
Born1 November 846(846-11-01)
Dee'd10 Apryle 879(879-04-10) (aged 32)
BuirialSaint-Corneille Abbey, Compiègne, Fraunce,
SpouseAnsgarde o Burgundy
Adelaide o Paris
IssueLouis III o Fraunce
Carloman II
Hildegarde o Fraunce
Gisela o Fraunce
Ermentrude o Fraunce
Charles the Simple
FaitherCharles the Bald
MitherErmentrude o Orléans

Louis the Stammerer (French: Louis le Bègue) (1 November 846 – 10 Aprile 879) wis the Keeng o Aquitaine an later Keeng o Wast Francie.