Louis o Fraunce, Duke o Burgundy

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Louis o Fraunce
Duke o Burgundy
Louis-Joseph-Xavier de France, duc de Bourgogne by Jean-Marc Nattier.jpg
1754 portrait o the Duke o Burgundy bi Jean Marc Nattier.
Born13 September 1751(1751-09-13)
Palace o Versailles, Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd22 Mairch 1761(1761-03-22) (aged 9)
Palace o Versailles, Versailles, Fraunce
BuirialRyal Basilica, Saint Denis, Fraunce
Full name
Louis Joseph Xavier de France
HooseBourbons o Fraunce
FaitherLouis, Dauphin o Fraunce
MitherPrincess Maria Josepha o Saxony

Louis o Fraunce, Duke o Burgundy,"Son o Fraunce" (Louis Joseph Xavier; 13 September 1751 – 22 Mairch 1761) wis a grandson o Louis XV an wis given the teetle Duke o Burgundy bi his grandfaither. He wis the second in line tae the French throne, behind his faither Louis o Fraunce, "Dauphin o Fraunce". He died o tuberculosis an wis buried at the Ryal Basilica, Saint Denis, outside Paris. He wis a brither o the future Louis XVI, Charles X an Louis XVIII an the Queen o Sardinie.

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