Louis de Rochechouart, Duke o Mortemart

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Louis Victor de Rochechouart
Duke o Mortemart
Full name
Louis de Rochechouart
Born25 August 1636(1636-08-25)
Dee'd3 Aprile 1688 (aged 25)
Spoose(s)Marie Anne Colbert
Louis, Duke o Mortemart
Jean Baptiste, Duke o Mortemart
Marie Françoise, Princess o Chalais
FaitherLouis Victor de Rochechouart
MitherAntoinette Louise de Mesmes
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Louis de Rochechouart, Duke o Mortemart (1663 – 3 Aprile 1688) wis a french nobleman an Duke. He wis also a nephew o Madame de Montespan an son o the Duke o Vivonne. Before become Duke he wis known as the Prince o Tonnay-Charente.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

He mairit Marie Anne Colbert (a dochter o Jean Baptiste Colbert, they haed frive childer.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Louis de Rochechouart, Duke o Mortemart (1681-1746) mairit Marie Henriette de Beauvilliers then Marie Élisabeth de Nicolay in 1732.
  2. Jean Baptiste de Rochechouart, Duke o Mortemart (1682-1757) Duke o Mortemart mairit Marie Madeleine Colbert.
  3. Marie Anne de Rochechouart (1683-avant 1750) nun.
  4. Louise Gabrielle de Rochechouart (1684-1750) nun.
  5. Marie Françoise de Rochechouart (1686-1771) mairit Michel Chamillart, Marquis o Cany in 1708, then Jean Charles de Talleyrand, Prince o Chalais in 1722.