Louis de Pardaillan, Duke o Antin

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Louis de Pardaillan
Duke o Antin

Airms o the Duke o Antin.
Full name
Louis de Pardaillan
Born9 November 1707(1707-11-09)
Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd9 December 1743(1743-12-09) (aged 36)
Noble faimilyPardaillan
Spoose(s)Françoise Gillonne de Montmorency
Louis, Duke o Antin
Marie Françoise, Coontess o Civrac
Julie, Duchess o Uzès
FaitherLouis de Pardaillan
MitherMarie Victoire de Noailles

Louis de Pardaillan, Duke o Antin (9 November 1707 – 9 December 1743) wis a French Duke an nobleman. He wis a descendant o Madame de Montespan an o Anne Jules de Noailles, Duke o Noailles. His relation s included Louis de Noailles, Duke o Noailles an o Philippe de Noailles, Duke o Mouchy. He wuis also a half brither o Thee Duke o Penthièvre (himsel a grandson o Keeng Louis XIV). He died aged 36 an wis succeeded as Duke of Antin bi his only son Louis. His wife outlived him bi 25 years. His nephew mairit Princess Marie Louise o Savoy, future friend o Queen Marie Antoinette.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 29 October 1722, he mairit Françoise Gillonne de Montmorency (1704–1768), a granddaughter o François Henri de Montmorency, Duke o Luxembourg, relation o Christian Louis de Montmorency, Duke o Luxembourg an a Marshal o Fraunce. They haed fower bairn, ane son (born in 1727) an three dochters. His son niver mairit an died in Breme during the Seven Years' War.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Julie Sophie Gillette de Pardaillan (1 October 1725–1797) Abbess o Fontevraud (1765–1792) died unmairit.
  2. Louis de Pardaillan, Duke o Antin (15 Februar 1727–14 September 1757), died unmairit.
  3. Marie Françoise de Pardaillan (13 August 1728–1764), married François Emery de Durfort, Coont o Civrac, haed issue.
  4. Julie Magdeleine Victoire de Pardaillan (20 Mairch 1731 – 13 September 1799), married François Emmanuel de Crussol, Duke o Uzès an haed issue.