Louis de La Trémoille, Duke o Thouars

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Louis de La Trémoille
Duke o Thouars
Louis III, seigneur de la Trémoille, duc de Thouars.jpg
Louis de La Trémoille
Dee'd25 Mairch 1577 (aged 55–56)
Noble faimilyLa Trémoille
Spoose(s)Jeanne de Montmorency
Anne, Prince o Talmont
Louis, Coont o Benon
Claude, Duke o Thouars
Charlotte Catherine, Princess o Condé
FaitherFrançois II de La Trémoille
MitherAnne de Laval
Crown of a Duke of France.svg
House of La Trémoille arms.svg

Louis de La Trémoille, Duke o Thouars (1521 – 25 Mairch 1577), he wis the 37t Viscoont o Thouars but his teetle wis raised tae a Dukedom in 1563 bi Keeng CXharles X tae become the 1st Duke o Thouars, wis a sixteenth-century French nobleman o the Hoose o La Trémoille.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1549, he mairit Jeanne de Montmorency (1528–1596), a dochter o Anne de Montmorency.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Anne de La Trémoille, Prince o Talmont,
  2. Louis de La Trémoille, Coont o Benon,
  3. Claude de La Trémoille, Duke o Thouars (1566 – 25 October 1604) mairit Coontess Charlotte Brabantina o Nassau an haed issue.
  4. Charlotte Catherine de La Trémoille (1568 – 29 August 1629) mairit Henri de Bourbon, Prince o Condé an haed issue.