Louis de Gramont, Duke o Gramont

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Louis de Gramont
Duke o Gramont
Louis de Gramont (1689-1745).jpg
Gramont bi an unknown artist.
Full name
Louis de Gramont
Born29 Mey 1689
Dee'd11 Mey 1745 (aged 56)
Bayonne, Fraunce
Noble faimilyGramont
Spoose(s)Geneviève Gontaut
FaitherAntoine de Gramont
MitherMarie Christine de Noailles
Crown of a Duke of France.svg
Blason Antoine II de Gramont-Touloujon (1572-1644).svg

Louis de Gramont, Duke o Gramont' (29 Mey 1689 – 11 May 1745) wis Duke o Gramont an a French general in the War o Austrian Succession. Through his mither he wis a grandson o Anne Jules de Noailles, Duke o Noailles an a first cousin o the Coontess o Toulouse (wife o an illegitimate son o Louis XIV an Madame de Montespan, an mither o the Duke o Penthièvre. His faither wis Antoine de Gramont, Duke o Guiche (a Marshal o Fraunce in 1724 bi Louis XV) Louis inherited the teetle Duke o Gramont at the daith o his brither Antoine in 1741.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 11 Mairch 1720, he mairit Geneviève Gontaut (1696-1756) They haed twa childer.

  1. Antoine Antonin de Gramont
  2. Antoine Adrien Charles de Gramont, Duke o Gramont (22 Julie 1726 - 22 September 1762) mairit Marie Louise Sophie de Faoucq an haed childer.

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