Louis de Bourbon, Prince o Condé

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Louis de Bourbon
Prince o Condé
Louis Ier de Bourbon, 1er prince de Condé (1530-1569).jpg
Born 7 Mey 1530(1530-05-07)
Vendôme, Fraunce
Dee'd 13 Mairch 1569(1569-03-13) (aged 38)
Jarnac, Fraunce
Spouse Éléonore de Roucy
Françoise d'Orléans
Issue Henri, Prince o Condé
François, Prince o Conti
Charles, "Cardinal de Bourbon"
Hoose Bourbon (Condé branch)
Faither Charles de Bourbon
Mither Françoise d'Alençon
Releegion Calvinist (Huguenot)
prev. Roman Catholic
Coat of arms of the Prince of Condé.png

Louis de Bourbon, Prince o Condé (7 Mey 1530 – 13 Mairch 1569) wis a Huguenot nobleman an general as well as the founder o the Hoose o Condé (a cadet branch o the reigning Hoose o Bourbon. He wis a cousin o Henry IV o Fraunce. Through his mither he wis related tae the Hoose o Lorraine. He wis created the Prince o Condé in 1546. The last Prince o Condé wis Prince Louis o Orléans who wis a descendant o Louis. The Princes o Conti also descended frae Louis. He also held the prestigious rank o Prince o the bluid. He wis also a cousin o Mary o Guise, the mither o Mary, Queen o Scots.

First mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 22 Juin 1551 he mairit Éléonore de Roucy, daughter o Charles de Roucy, Coont o Roye an Madeleine de Maillé. She brought as her dowry the château an town o Conti-sur-Selles, southwest o Amiens, which would pass tae their third son, progenitor o the Princes o Conti. They haed:

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Henri de Bourbon, Prince o Condé (1552-1588) mairit Charlotte Catherine de La Trémoille an haed childer.
  2. Marguerite de Bourbon (1556) died young.
  3. Charles de Bourbon (1557) died young.
  4. François de Bourbon, Prince o Conti (19 August 1558 – 3 August 1614) mairit Jeanne de Coëmes an then Louise Marguerite o Lorraine.
  5. Charles de Bourbon (1562-1594) died unmairit an childless.
  6. Louis de Bourbon (1562-1563) died young.
  7. Madeleine de Bourbon (1563-1563)
  8. Catherine de Bourbon (1564) died young.

Second mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 8 November 1565 he mairit Françoise d'Orléans, daughter o François d'Orléans, Marquis o Rothelin an Jacqueline de Rohan.

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Charles de Bourbon, Coont o Soissons (3 November 1566 – 1 November 1612) mairit Anne de Montafié an haed childer.
  2. Louis de Bourbon (1567–1569) died young.
  3. Benjamin de Bourbon (1569–1573) died young.