Louis VI o Fraunce

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Louis VI the Fat
Keeng o the Franks
Ring29 Julie 1108 – 1 August 1137
Coronation3 August 1108 in Orléans Cathedral
PredecessorPhilip I
SuccessorLouis VII
Born1 December 1081(1081-12-01)
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd1 August 1137(1137-08-01) (aged 55)
Béthisy-Saint-Pierre, Fraunce
BuirialSaunt Denis Basilica, Paris, Fraunce
SpouseLucienne de Rochefort
Adélaide de Maurienne
IssuePhilip, Keeng o the Franks
Louis VII, Keeng o the Franks
Henry, Airchbishop o Reims
Robert, Coont o Dreux
Constance, Coontess o Toulouse
Philip, Airchdeacon o Paris
Peter, Laird o Courtenay
HooseHoose o Capet
FaitherPhilip I, Keeng o the Franks
MitherBertha o Holland
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Louis VI (1 December 1081 – 1 August 1137), cried the Fat (French: le Gros), wis Keeng o the Franks frae 1108 till his daith (1137).