Louis IV o Fraunce

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Louis IV
Louis IV denier Chinon 936 954.jpg
A denier frae the reign o Louis IV, mintit at Chinon
Keeng o the Franks (mair...)
Coronation936 in Laon
PredecessorRaoul o Fraunce
SuccessorLothair o Fraunce
Born10 September 920(920-09-10)
Dee'd30 September 954(954-09-30) (aged 34)
BuirialCompiègne Abbey, Saint-Corneille, Fraunce
SpouseGerberga o Saxony
IssueLothair o Fraunce
Charles, Duke o Lawer Lorraine
Matilda, Queen o Burgundy
FaitherCharles the Simple
MitherEadgifu o Ingland

Louis IV (10 September 920 – 30 September 954), called d'Outremer or Transmarinus (baith meanin "frae owerseas"), reigned as Keeng o Wastren Francie frae 936 tae 954.