Louis IV, Haly Roman Emperor

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Louis IV
Ludovico il Bavaro.jpeg
Portrait o Louis IV (on a late gothic graveplate made o reid marble in 1468 bi Hans Haldner), tomb in the Frauenkirche o Munich
Keeng o the Romans
till 1330 wi Frederick the Handsome
Ring 20 October 1314 – 11 October 1347
Coronation 25 November 1314 (Aachen)
Predecessor Henry VII
Successor Charles IV
Keeng o Italy
Ring 31 Mey 1327 – 11 October 1347
Coronation 31 Mey 1327 (Milan)
Predecessor Henry VII
Successor Charles IV
Haly Roman Emperor
Reing 1328 – 11 October 1347
Coronation 17 Januar 1328 (Roum)
Predecessor Henry VII
Successor Charles IV
Duke o Bavarie
till 1317 wi Rudolf I
Ring 1301 – 11 October 1347
Predecessor Rudolf I
Successor Louis V, Stephen II, Louis VI, William I, Albert I an Otto V
Born Aprile, 1282
Dee'd (1347-10-11)11 October 1347 (aged 65)
Puch near Fürstenfeldbruck
Buirial Frauenkirche in Munich
Spouse Beatrix o Świdnica
Margaret II, Coontess o Holland
Issue Matilda, Margravine o Meissen
Louis V, Duke o Bavarie
Stephen II, Duke o Bavarie
Louis VI, Duke o Bavarie
William I, Duke o Bavarie
Albert I, Duke o Bavarie
Beatrice, Queen o Swaden
Otto V, Duke o Bavarie
Hoose Hoose o Wittelsbach
Faither Louis II, Duke o Bavarie
Mither Matilda o Habsburg
Releegion Roman Catholicism

Louis IV (German: Ludwig; 1 Aprile 1282 – 11 October 1347), cried the Bavarian, o the hoose o Wittelsbach, wis Keeng o the Romans frae 1314, Keeng o Italy frae 1327, an Haly Roman Emperor frae 1328.