Louis Henri de Brancas, Marquis o Brancas

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Louis Henri de Brancas
Marquis o Brancas
Portrait o the Marquis o Brancas (Musée Calvet, Avignon).
Full name
Louis Henri de Brancas
Born19 Januar 1672
Pernes, Fraunce
Dee'd9 August 1750 (aged 78)
Spoose(s)Elizabeth Charlotte de Brancas
Françoise Gabrielle, Marquise o Souvré
Marie Thérèse, Duchess o Nevers
FaitherHenri de Brancas, Marquis o Céreste
MitherDorothée de Chelys

Louis Henri de Brancas, Marquis o Brancas 19 January 1672 – 9 August 1750) wis a french nobleman an Marquis. He served Louis XV o Fraunce on land an sea and wis created a Marshal o Fraunce in 1740.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Le 24 Jabuar 1696, he mairit Elisabeth Charlotte de Brancas (1679-1741). They haed 11 childer maist o which died young or born dead.

Surviving issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Louis Bufile de Brancas (died aged 43)
  2. Charles François de Brancas (died aged 23 without issue)
  3. Françoise Gabrielle de Brancas mairit François Louis Le Tellier, Marquis o Souvré (a son o Louis Nicolas Le Tellier) but died in childbirth aged 20.
  4. Marie Thérèse de Brancas, (b1716?) mairit Louis Jules Mancini, Duke o Nevers.

Teetles[eedit | eedit soorce]

He wis the second Marquis o Céreste, but wis better known as the Marquis o Brancas. He wis also (nominal) sovereign Prince o the island o Nisyros. This principality haed been created for Bufille Brancaccio, coont o Agnano (Sicily), bi Pape Boniface IX.