Lothair I

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Lothair I
Lothar I.jpg
Lothair I in the Gospels o Lothair, c. 849–851, nou locatit in the Bibliothèque nationale de France
Haly Roman Emperor
Ring 817–855
Coronation 817, Aachen;
5 Apryle 823, Roum
Predecessor Louis the Pious
Successor Louis II
Born 795
Dee'd 29 September 855 (aged 59–60)
Buirial Prüm
Consort Ermengarde o Tours
Louis II
Lothair II
Hoose Carolingians
Faither Louis the Pious
Mither Ermengarde o Hesbaye

Lothair I or Lothar I (German: Lothar, French: Lothaire, Italian: Lotario, Dutch: Lotharius) (795 – 29 September 855) wis the Haly Roman Emperor (817–855, co-ruling wi his faither till 840), an the Keeng o Bavarie (815–817), Italy (818–855) an Middle Francie (840–855).