Los Pedroches

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Location o Los Pedroches in the province o Córdoba
Landscape o Los Pedroches at Los Muros, near Cardeña.
Ermita Virgen de La Luna de Los Pedroches

Los Pedroches or Valle de los Pedroches is a comarca in Córdoba Province, Andalusie, soothren Spain. It is locatit at the northren end o the province. The main toun is Pozoblanco.

The climate o the comarca is continental. It is the northmaist Andalusie territory.

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38°25′N 04°45′W / 38.417°N 4.750°W / 38.417; -4.750Coordinates: 38°25′N 04°45′W / 38.417°N 4.750°W / 38.417; -4.750

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