Los Angeles metropolitan aurie

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Coordinates: 34°N 118°W / 34°N 118°W / 34; -118

Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
Los Angeles–Long Beach–Anaheim
Map o Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
KintraUnitit States
Lairgest ceetyLos Angeles
Ither ceeties – Long Beach
 – Anaheim
 – Santa Ana
 – Irvine
 – Glendale
 – Huntington Beach
 – Santa Clarita
 • Total12,562 km2 (4,850.3 sq mi)
Highest elevation
3,069 m (Mount San Antonio 10,068 ft)
Lowest elevation
-3 m (Wilmington −9 ft)
 • Total12,828,837
 • Rank2nt in the U.S.
 • Density1,024.7/km2 (2,645.0/sq mi)
Los Angeles metropolitan aurie

The Los Angeles metropolitan aurie, kent as Metropolitan Los Angeles or the Southland an aw,[1] is the 18t lairgest metropolitan aurie in the warld an the seicont-lairgest metropolitan aurie in the Unitit States.[2] It is entirely locatit in the soothren portion o the U.S. State o Californie.

The metropolitan aurie is defined bi the Office of Management and Budget as the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), consistin o Los Angeles an Orange coonties, a metropolitan statistical aurie uised for statistical purposes bi the United States Census Bureau an ither agencies.[3] Its laund aurie is 4,850 sq. mi (12,562 km²).

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