Los Angeles Internaitional Airport

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Los Angeles Internaitional Airport
Los Angeles International Airport Aerial Photo.jpg
Airport teep Public
Awner City of Los Angeles
Operator Los Angeles World Airports
Serves Greater Los Angeles Area
Location Los Angeles, Californie
Hub for
Focus ceety for
Elevation AMSL 128 ft / 39 m
Wabsteid www.lawa.org
LAX is located in the Los Angeles metropolitan aurie
Location athin the Los Angeles metropolitan aurie
Direction Lenth Surface
ft m
6L/24R 8,926 2,721 Concrete
6R/24L 10,285 3,135 Concrete
7L/25R 12,091 3,685 Concrete
7R/25L 11,095 3,382 Concrete
Passengers (2015) 74,936,256
Aircraft operations (2015) 655,564
Economic impact (2012) $14.9 billion[3]
Social impact (2012) 133.9 thousand[3]

Los Angeles Internaitional Airport (IATA: LAXICAO: KLAXFAA LID: LAX) is the lairgest an busiest airport in the Greater Los Angeles Area an the state o Californie, an it is ane o the maist important internaitional airports in the Unitit States. It is maist aften referred tae bi its IATA airport code LAX, wi the letters pronooncit individually. LAX is locatit in the soothwastren Los Angeles aurie alang the Paceefic Ocean atween the neebourheid o Westchester tae its immediate north an the ceety o El Segundo tae its immediate sooth. It is awned an operatit bi Los Angeles World Airports, an agency o the Los Angeles ceety govrenment umwhile kent as the Department of Airports.

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