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Long Island is a island locatit juist aff the northeast coast o the Unitit States an a region athin the U.S. state o New York. Stretchin east-northeast frae New York Harbor intae the Atlantic Ocean, the island comprises fower coonties: Kings an Queens (these shape the New York Ceety burghs o Brooklyn an Queens, respectively) tae the wast; then Nassau an Suffolk tae the east. Housomeivver, mony fowk in the New York metropolitan aurie (even those livin in Queens an Brooklyn) colloquially uise the term "Long Island" (or "The Island") exclusively tae refer tae the Nassau-Suffolk coonty aurie collectively, which is mainly suburban in character.[1] North o the island is Long Island Sound, athort frae which lee the states o Connecticut an a smaw pairt o Rhode Island.

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