London School of Economics

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The London School of Economics and Political Science
MottoLaitin: Rerum cognoscere causas
TeepPublic research varsity
Endowment£112.9m (as o 31 Julie 2015)[1]
ChairmanMr Alan Elias
ChancellorHRH The Princess Royal (as Chancellor of the University of London)
DirectorCraig Calhoun
VeesitorThe Rt Hon Chris Grayling
As Laird Preses o the Cooncil ex officio
Academic staff
Students11,210 (2016/17)[2]
Unnergraduates4,810 (2016/17)[2]
Postgraduates6,395 (2016/17)[2]
LocationLunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Coordinates: 51°30′50″N 0°07′00″W / 51.51389°N 0.11667°W / 51.51389; -0.11667
NewspaperThe Beaver
ColoursPurpie, black an gowd[3]
AffiliationsACU, CEMS, EUA, G5, Russell Group, University of London, Universities UK, Gowden triangle
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The London School of Economics and Political Science (Scots: The Lunnon Schuil o Economics an Poleetical Science; commonly kent as the London School of Economics Scots: Lunnon Schuil o Economics, or LSE) is a public research varsity locatit in Lunnon, Ingland and a constituent college o the federal Varsity o Lunnon.

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