London City Airport

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London City Airport
London City Airport Zwart.jpg
Airport teepPublic
AwnerGIP (75%)
Highstar Capital (25%)
OperatorLondon City Airport Ltd.
ServesLunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Opened1987 (1987)
Elevation AMSL19 ft / 6 m
Coordinates51°30′19″N 000°03′19″E / 51.50528°N 0.05528°E / 51.50528; 0.05528Coordinates: 51°30′19″N 000°03′19″E / 51.50528°N 0.05528°E / 51.50528; 0.05528
EGLC is locatit in Greater Lunnon
Location athin Greater Lunnon
Direction Lenth Surface
m ft
09/27 1,508 4,948 Groovit
Statistics (2013)
Passenger chynge 12–13Increase12.0%
Aircraft Muivements74,006
Movements chynge 12–13Increase4.6%
Sources: UK AIP at NATS[1]
Statistics from the UK Civil Aviation Authority[2]

London City Airport (IATA: LCYICAO: EGLC) is a airport in Lunnon. It is locatit on a umwhile Docklands steid in the London Borough of Newham, some 6 NM (11 km; 6.9 mi) east o the Ceety o Lunnon an a rather smawer distance east o Canary Wharf. These are the twin centres o Lunnon's financial industry, which is a major uiser o the airport. The airport wis developit bi the ingineerin company Mowlem in 1986–87 an is nou awned bi a consortium comprisin AIG Financial Products Corp. an Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP).

London City Airport haes a single 1,500-metre (4,900 ft) lang runwey, an a CAA Public Use Aerodrome Licence (Number P728) that allous flichts for the public transport o passengers or for flicht trainin (but anerly for trainin necessary for the operation o aircraft at the airport).[3] Anerly multi-ingine, fixed-wing aircraft wi special aircraft an aircrew certification tae flee 5.5° approaches are alloued tae conduct operations at London City Airport.[4]

In 2013, London City servit ower 3.3 million passengers, a 12% increase compared wi 2012 an a record total for the airport. It wis the fift busiest airport in terms o passengers an aircraft muivements servin the Lunnon aurie efter Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted an Luton an the 15t busiest in the UK.[2]

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